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Democratizing Investment: How Nuvei and KoreConX Are Opening Doors to Private Company Investments

Nuvei Corporation, a Canadian fintech firm, has been chosen by KoreConX as its main payments partner, aiming to modernize investment in private companies. Through this collaboration, U.S.-based private businesses on the KoreConX platform can now receive SEC-compliant investments starting from $50 through card and account-to-account transactions, connecting with retail investors globally. This partnership not only facilitates compliant transactions within the private investment sector but also aligns with KoreConX's mission to democratize investment by making it secure, accessible, and compliant with SEC regulations. This initiative marks a significant step forward in opening up investment opportunities in private companies to a wider audience, reflecting the growing market for private investments since the JOBS Act of 2012. KoreConX and Nuvei's collaboration underscores a shared commitment to trust, compliance, and innovation in the evolving landscape of private investing.


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