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Introducing TrendMax: Revolutionizing Crypto Investment with Hyperion Decimus and CoinDesk's Cutting-Edge Strategy

Hyperion Decimus (HD) and CoinDesk Indices (CDI) have unveiled the HD CoinDesk TrendMax Strategy, a cutting-edge quantitative trading strategy for institutional investors. Leveraging CDI's proprietary Bitcoin Trend Indicator (BTI) and Ether Trend Indicator (ETI), the strategy aims to navigate the volatile crypto market by using non-discretionary algorithms to identify trends in bitcoin and ether prices. This actively managed approach allows for dynamic asset allocation among bitcoin, ether, or cash, striving for uncorrelated returns and reducing risk through systematic, emotion-free portfolio management. The collaboration between HD and CDI marks a significant step towards providing institutional-grade cryptocurrency strategies that offer a more transparent and sustainable investment option in the digital asset space.


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