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Alphabet quantum spin-out Sandbox AQ acquires Good Chemistry

Sandbox AQ, an AI and quantum computing subsidiary of Alphabet, has acquired Good Chemistry, a quantum and computational chemistry startup based in Vancouver, for an undisclosed sum. Founded in 2021 and backed by prominent investors, Good Chemistry provides cloud-based tools for material design, leveraging quantum chemistry and machine learning. This acquisition enhances Sandbox AQ's global reach and adds significant technologies, including Good Chemistry's simulation platforms and major clients like Dow Chemical. Arman Zaribafiyan, founder of Good Chemistry, joins Sandbox AQ as the head of product for simulation platforms. The deal marks a significant advancement in applying AI and quantum computing to chemistry and material science, with Sandbox AQ integrating Good Chemistry's key software, Qemist Cloud and Tangelo, into its enterprise portfolio, aiming to revolutionize fields ranging from drug discovery to material design.


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